Compact Folded Filter

At our own manufacturing plants we produce pleated filter units, customer-specific according to drawing. Expansion bellows can be flexibly manufactured up to a width of 1300 mm and a folding depth of 50 mm. As filter cloths, polyester fibrous mats are preferably employed. Polypropylene fibrous mats or filter paper are likewise possible. For de-dusting tasks, PTFE-coated fibrous mats can be processed.

The following key data are required for the preparation of an offer:

  • Medium (air, natural gas, water etc.)
  • Deposit (BIA Classification)
  • Is there a standard requirement
  • Composition or property of the dirt to be filtered
  • Are there are special requirements concerning the materials employed
    • Design (e.g. closed off single-sided, with bond, support tube etc.)
    • Size (outer diameter, inner diameter, length)
    • Filtration direction (from outside to inside or from inside to outside)
    • Filter surface area
    • Operating temperature
    • Pressure load
    • Capacity