Durst Filtertechnik Produkte
  • Pure joy. Made-to-measure filters for your application.

    Be it for the mechanical engineering or biotechnology sector, or other technical products... we filter what needs to be removed. Our porous plastic filters ensure you enjoy the end product.

  • Pssst: we do things quietly! - Sound absorption of compressed air with POROPLAST.

    Pneumatic silencers made of POROPLAST are required primarily for automation equipment and/or machine constructions. Absorption of the sound energy dampens those frequencies that are unpleasant for the human ear.

  • On the trail of Archimedes: we make things fluid.

    When fluidising beds, grainy material is changed from its solid state into a state similar to a fluid. This is important, for instance, for powder coating or material transport.

Alfred Durst Filtertechnik GmbH - Quality for the past 35 years.

We don’t let anything slip through, or leave things where they shouldn’t be. We use our in-depth expertise and years of experience to focus on removing particles from the air, gas or fluids.

Our POROPLAST product, a polymer sintered plastic that we developed in our company, is still being enhanced:
special properties are, for instance: hydrophylicity, antistatic behaviour, absorption of unwanted materials, colouring and improved strength and rigidity.

Everything in our company is porous – except the quality controls of course!

QUALITY is written with a capital Q in our company. This begins in the development phase and continues throughout all production creation phases through to the final inspection, producing perfect results that give you no reason to worry.
We focus on personal support and know-how instead of call centres and mass-produced goods.
We develop, design, mill, lathe and test until the results are right – for small charges, drawing-conform customised charges and 0-series, likewise for large series.

Our production is specialised in:

Sintered plastics

Durst Filtertechnik GmbHDurst Filtertechnik GmbH

Before it is used, the polymer raw material POROPLAST is classified into defined grain size ranges and the corresponding grain structure. It can be modified by adding additives.

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Folded filters

Durst Filtertechnik GmbHDurst Filtertechnik GmbH

We produce folded filters to customer specifications and/or drawings. We use our machine pool to manufacture pleated folded filter cartridges in different models based on drawings.

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Filter housing

Durst Filtertechnik GmbHDurst Filtertechnik GmbH

There are standardised, single-place injection moulded housings available. In the case of special applications, housings can be designed and constructed to valid tank regulations, either by sub-suppliers or in our own company.

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Did you know?

We are inventors from Swabia.
We build our own production machines. We require perfect machines to achieve optimum results and to ensure a constant level of quality. We do indeed have these but we develop and produce them in-house!

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