QUALITY is written with a capital Q in our company.

In-depth expertise and the healthy common sense of a medium-sized company have made Durst Filtertechnik a reliable business partner to its customers since it was founded more than 35 years ago.

  • We check the feasibility of YOURdrawing before sending a quote to avoid errors!
  • Development of apparatus for customer-specific parts
  • In-house tool construction, also for part-critical parts
  • Sample and prototype construction
  • Product-specific test plan and equipment production as required by the customer
  • Product-related process monitoring of relevant features

Durst Filtertechnik offers a decisive advantage:

from the systems we build in-house, to the sintering plastic POROPLAST developed in-house, to the individual tests bench – we ensure quality controls in all of the product creation phases.

We check the feasibility of your drawing before sending a quote!

To avoid errors, we always review your drawing before sending a quote to check whether it can be implemented and whether your performance requirements can be met.

We develop apparatus for customer-specific parts.

Almost every product is different. This is why we also develop and build the equipment required to rework your product or test parts. This also includes test equipment for measuring flow rates, cutting units for shortening parts, adhesive devices, welding equipment for connecting parts etc.

Our tool construction – also for part-critical parts.

We produce most of our tools in our own tool construction shop. We can carry out standard production procedures, such as lathing, milling and drilling, in our own production facilities.
If possible, we purchase job order production for parts that are planned or repeatedly required, e.g. for call-up orders, from contract manufacturers.

Sample and prototype construction.

We produce prototypes under conditions that almost exactly replicate series conditions for new product launches or product improvements. Depending on requirements, these undergo reproducible testing and any necessary corrections are carried out. This is coordinated closely with the customer. If necessary, certified suitability tests, for instance migration tests, are carried out in external test laboratories.

Product-specific test plan and equipment production according to the customer’s wish.

This is especially important when launching a new product. What needs to be tested to guarantee a function is agreed with the customer, at the latest during the sampling process; if necessary, this is also documented in a test plan. As necessary, we design and produce product-specific set-ups in-house, if this has been agreed.

Product-related process monitoring of relevant features.

We have developed an extensive process control system to ensure a constant level of quality. Relevant system parameters – in particular during the sintering process – are usually extracted via a barcode and loaded onto the respective system. For instance, time/temperature is recorded during the sintering process. This control system is constantly improved and expanded. Error messages are recorded, and the production management receives an automatic message almost simultaneously.