We don’t let anything slip through...or leave things where they shouldn’t be.

We use our in-depth expertise and years of experience to focus on removing particles from the air, gas or fluids and offer customer-oriented problem solutions in the fields of filtration, compressed air damping and fluidisation of powder-like materials.

in our company is porous – except the quality controls of course, because QUALITY is written with a capital Q in our company. This begins in the development phase and continues throughout all production creation phases through to the final inspection. As typical inventors from the Swabian region, we also develop and construct most of our own equipment and tools so we can meet our own high standards.

And, over the years, excellent products for specific applications have been developed and optimised until perfect results were achieved. For instance, Durst developed POROPLAST – a filter made of sintered plastic with a wide variety of properties. It is possible, for example, to influence hydrophiles and anti-static behaviour and colouring, and improve strength and rigidity.

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Sintering plastics

Before it is used, the polymer raw material POROPLAST is classified into defined grain size ranges and the corresponding grain structure. Modifications are influenced by additives, by adding colours for example.

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Folded filter

Folds have never been so beautiful…

We produce folded filters to customer specifications and/or drawings. We use our production equipment to manufacture pleated folded filter cartridges in different models to your specifications.

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Filter housing

There are standardised, single-place injection moulding housings available. In the case of special applications, housings can be designed and constructed to the valid tank regulations, either by sub-suppliers or in our own company.

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mechanische Einzelteilbearbeitung

Own mechanical production of accessories and systems.

We like to invest and develop things! Manufacturing our products in-house allows us to keep close tabs on the timing, production sequences and quality; we do not depend on delivery times or services from other suppliers and can act or respond quickly when necessary.

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Did you know?

We check the feasibility of your drawing before sending a quote!

This is what service should be like: to avoid errors, we always review your drawing before sending a quote to check whether it can be implemented and whether your performance requirements can be met.

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